Inspired by the popular Escape the Room live-action video game series, Escape The (Class)room is an activity where students can demonstrate their knowledge of a particular topic in an innovative, immersive, and complex way.

Students are the creators of these experiences, making dynamic interactive puzzles, clues, missions, and ciphers that connect back to a specific topic they studied in class — all while telling a compelling story.

Each student-designed Escape the (Class)room experience requires intense collaboration, playful and creative design, a high-level of project management, and a deep understanding of the content. 





When students design Escape The (Class)room experiences to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular topic, their comprehension of the content skyrockets, they’re able to delve deeper into the subject matter, and they can share what they know with other students in an interesting and playful way. The skills they learn through creating these Escapes can be transferred to any class in any discipline.

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